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Every certificate of registration granted to an organisation under the Act shall be valid for a period of five years from the date of its issue.

Every certificate of registration issued to an organisation shall be liable to be renewed after the expiry of five years from the date of its issue on proper application.

Every organisation shall apply to the Central Government in Form FC-5 (now changed to Form FC-3), six months before the date of expiry of the certificate of registration, for its renewal. However, in a recent circular, the FCRA department has extended its due date for application of renewal to 30th June, 2016 subsequently to 30th June 2016.

An application made for renewal of the certificate of registration shall be accompanied by a fee of Rs.500/- (Five Hundred only).

The fee for renewal of the certificate of registration shall be paid through online payment gateway provided at the FCRA website after the submission of such application.

In case no application for renewal of registration is received or such application is not accompanied by the requisite fee, the validity of the certificate of registration of such organisation shall be deemed to have ceased from the date of completion of the period of five years or any extension in this regard, from the date of the grant of registration.

If the validity of the certificate of registration of an organisation has ceased in accordance with the provisions of these rules, a fresh request for the grant of a certificate of registration may be made by the organisation to the Central Government as per the provisions of rule 9.

In case an organisation provides sufficient grounds, in writing, explaining the reasons for not submitting the certificate of registration for renewal within the stipulated time, his application may be accepted for consideration along with the requisite fee, but not later than four months after the expiry of the original certificate of registration

Time Limit For Re-Filing Of Application For Registration

No organisation shall make a second application for registration within a period of six months after submitting an application for the grant of registration for the same project. However this was relaxed by the Ministry of Home Affairs after it deemed automatic cancellation of organizations which had not applied for renewal with the time for re-applying provided till 28th February 2016.